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Arthur and the Local Spirit

| July 15, 2014

NACKAWIC from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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After a week some people in New Brunswick are still dealing with the effects of Arthur, it hit the town of Nackawic, and surrounding communities extremely hard. Trees were taken down all over the community and with power just coming back on over the weekend for many, it became a real problem. Local resident Marilyn Kirchgessner remembers the storm, and the destruction of her pool,  “The winds were just indescribable. We didn’t even here it someone knocked on our door, the winds were so loud that we couldn’t here it in the house. And it is beyond repair, everything is going to have to be replaced.”

The damage was not only in Nackawic, some local communities were without power for almost a week. Pokiok resident Carolyn Kerton was without many things for a long time, “We were out of power til Saturday, no Friday night, so a total of six days.”

The one thing the storm didn’t destroy was the local spirit, multiple families helped to supply food and water to the surrounding communities and also make plates of food for those most in need. Local Nackowic Councillor Karen Howell talks about the donations they  received from the community, “When we put together the cold plates yesterday, we had a lot of donations, and what we didn’t have that way we went and purchased with the EMO (Emergency Measures Organization) funds.”

Her son was also able to help and he describes how nice it was to help out the local community. “It felt good, because they were really appreciative of it. You could see it,” said Carson Howell.

And in a community as tight knit as this one, Valerie Bradbury says that is just what they do, “Karen and her husband grew up with my boys, I have known her mother all my life. The people we were feeding in Prince and Dumphreys, we either went to school with or knew in someway. I have lived here all my life, I am 70 years old and I know a lot of people. No its just what we do, that is our community.”

Well, even without power for days on end people still found a way to help others. That is just a good idea all the time.

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