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Aroostook native set to be featured on national TV

| October 10, 2013


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Huntington beach California is a beautiful place to site see, sunbath and of course surf. One family had the idea to bring surfing to the street and invented a product called Hamboards. ┬áThis product is getting some recognition lately, It will be appearing on the next episode of the ABC series Shark Tank and so will the company’s manager, Aroostook county native Don Sandusky.

Don told us, “Hamboards are giant skate boards that are too long, and too wide, and turn way too much but they feel just like surfing, and it wasn’t my idea, my cousin from Huntington beach is the one who came up with the invention really.”

Having experience with building business’ in the past, Sandusky’s cousin thought this would be a great opportunity to expand the business. Sandusky was convinced by a friend over lunch to reach out to Shark Tank with this product…

“I really didn’t know if I would ever hear back from them, so that was January and I heard back from them late march, and then they asked me to go ahead and send in a video”, Don said.

They heard back right away.That next step included the opportunity to go on the show and present Hamboards in front of the sharks. Don told us that he not only owes his success to his loving parents but his up bringing in Aroostook County and all of the opportunities that were provided for him while he was here.

Don added, “I would always come in and say you know what give me the job around here that everyone knows needs doing, but nobody wants or has time to do, and thats been a real secret of success for me so I owe that to my upbringing in a small town in Maine.”

Susanne Don’s Mother told us, “He always wanted to do things that were unique, new, cutting edge really… and i’m sure that that led to his inventiveness and that has really been a hallmark of his professional career for sure.”

The episode of Shark Tank will air Friday October 11th and while Don knows how things went, he says the rest of us are just going to have to wait and see.

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