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Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office Investigating Non-compliant Sex Offenders

| March 18, 2014

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No sex offender goes unnoticed – at least that’s the hope of the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies have recently been investigating cases of convicted sex offenders failing to register with the state.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Darrell Crandall says, “I suspect there’s very few convicted offenders that truly want to be on the registry..there are some that purposely evade the registration process, and there are others that just procrastinate.”

It’s state law that convicted sex offenders be on the registry. Depending on the nature of their conviction, they either have to re-register every three months, six months or every year. At one point earlier this year the sheriffs office had received seventeen complaints from the registry – of non-compliant sex offenders believed to be living in Aroostook County.

“The intent of the state law and the parameters in the state law was for basically the public to keep track of where they’re living and working,” said Crandall.

After Deputies took action – they located twelve of those seventeen – nine came into compliance, one was granted relief from registering, and two – 66-year-old Charles Goggin of Eagle Lake and 37-year-old Freemont Carver of Sherman Mills – were charged with failing to register, and were summonsed to appear in court.

“It’s a crime to not be in compliance, and we try to work with them and help them all that we can,” said Crandall.

Of the remaining five of those seventeen, one has moved to another state and registered there, one moved to Presque Isle and the police department was notified, one moved out of state and the US Marshal’s Service was notified and one is in jail. One offender moved without leaving an address and Deputies are seeking an arrest warrant for him.

“I know people that have made decisions about whether or not to move to a community or a part of a community based upon info they’ve found on the registry and thats a personal choice,” said Crandall.

Crandall suspects at some point those who repeatedly fail to register won’t be summonsed, they’ll be immediately arrested and taken to jail.

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