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Aroostook County Headstart Centers To Receive More than 3 million dollars in Funding To Continue Early Childhood Education Programs & Services

| May 26, 2014


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Parents can give their kids a better HEADSTART in life. Headstart has some open enrollment slots available at all ten locations throughout the county. As Shawn Cunningham reports, the program is growing and providing more services to families thanks to renewed funding.

Headstart staff are all about education. Kids are read to everyday. That practice can now continue and so can Headstart. Federal funding for the ten sites around the county that’s operated through ACAP has been renewed for another year…to nearly 3.5 million dollars. Sue Powers is the Senior Manager of ACAP Family Services in Presque Isle and says “Its great, its always good when we fill out that renewal application to know that its been refunded and the program is continuing on.”

Powers says its especially good news for county families, as it open more slots for kids to join Headstart. She last year, reduced budget funding resulted in cutting slots for kids. This year, those slots can readded. Powers attributes everything to timing, citing a present day push for early childhood education…trickling down from Washington, to Augusta to the county.

Powers adds “we are now operating under very defined school readiness goals we need to prove school readiness outcomes for all children that are leaving and moving onto kindergarten.”

Powers says Headstart got a bit more money in their federal funding renewal, which allows the program to grow, taking in more kids and creating new collaborations with other programs.

“Children need early intervention sometimes children get that at home sometimes when parents are working they need a little bit of assistance for their children to get that outside of the home.”

She says Headstart has established partnerships with families and programs that provide homeschooling to youngsters. Always with the goal of early childhood education readiness in mind. And with the funding now there, it’s a goal achieved…helping more kids to do the same.

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