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Aroostook Aspirations Vying for Top 40 Position and 25 Thousand Dollar Service Grant in State Farm Facebook Contest

| May 1, 2014


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Good news for the Aroostook Aspirations Initiative. The organization is among the 200 nonprofits selected in North America to compete for a chance to win 25 thousand dollars as part of the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook Competition. It’s the only program selected in Maine. And as Shawn Cunningham explains, if the organization IS selected to receive the funding, its the whole county community that wins.

These teens are in their high school computer lab maybe even checking facebook. And while they’re doing that, they can also affect positive change for an organization that’s doing the same FOR THEM right here in Aroostook County. The Aroostook Aspirations Initiative is on the way to the TOP…40 in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Facebook Competition.

“The top 40 receive a 25 thousand dollar grant for their program so that’s the prize we have our eye on but its also national exposure for Aroostook County, for Maine and for the program Aroostook Aspirations,” says April Flagg the Executive Director for the¬†Aroostook Aspirations Initiative.

Beyond that, its money that could be put back into the community…for the community’s good. In the longrun it could impact economic development.

Sandy Gauvin President of the¬†Aroostook Aspirations Initiative adds “Building up the economy you know its kind of like kids first, it spreads out to more kids you get more people in the county more businesses I think one of the things we’re doing is promoting entrepreneurial training and for Aroostook County that’s very significant.

Gauvin says young people are primarily the group that AAI are targeting in their humanitarian efforts, including a first ever county wide day of service happening this fall called Heidi’s Hope.

Flagg says a number of schools and youth have stepped up showing enthusiasm about the upcoming event and the opportunity to make service contagious.

“One of the things that they want more than anything and this is the children they wanna show the communities that they can do amazing things they wanna show what they are made of,” says Flagg.

People can vote up to TEN TIMES a day, EVERYDAY on facebook through May 17th by following the link.


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