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Area Woman Works With US Olympic Team

| January 31, 2014


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A County women will be working closely with the US Cross Country  Ski Team at the Olympics. Stephanie Caverhill of Mars Hill will be leaving for Sochi on Sunday and will be the teams Massage Therapist during the games.


Caverhill:”I have never been the Olympics. I wrote in my journal four years ago so it’s kind of a dream coming true so it’s very exciting.”

Caverhill has been working with the US Ski Team at major events for the past four years. A former client of hers called and asked her if she wanted to work with the ski team at one event and it took off from there

Caverhill:” Head Coach was calling me again and saying will you come back to the World Championships with us in Oslo, Norway. That is kind of how it started.”

She describes herself as a jack of all trades working with them before and after the races. She said sprint days are her busiest times.

Caverhill:”My job is flushing out lactic acid and they have to preserve their energy in case they qualify for the finals. we create a nice relaxing  environment usually listening to Country Music. I am just flushing out lactic acid and they are just chilling out trying to mentally prepare for the rounds to come.”


She has worked primarily with the ski team but over the past four years has also spent time with the Bobsled, Skeleton and Luge Teams. The big question on everyone’s mind heading into the Olympics is Security. Caverhill says she has been asked that questions hundreds of times and isn’t worried

Caverhill:” I feel the media is trying to hype it up a little bit.  It’s around the Olympics so they are trying to  get everybody excited.  I don’t feel nervous at all actually.”

Caverhill said the skiers are like a second family for her and that she takes great pride in their success

Caverhill:” They are winning. Last year we were at World Championships in Italy the girls won  their first gold medal and I had that same fulfillment as I do when I watch my kids play sports. Just seeing their hard work paying off.”

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