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Area Runners Take Part in One Run for Boston Relay

| April 7, 2014


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The Boston Marathon is just two weeks away and with it memories of last years bombing. Runners from throughout the Country are helping to raise money for the One Boston Fund by taking part in the One Run for Boston relay. . The event started last month in California and will wrap up in Boston  prior to this years Marathon. Four local runners Ty Thurlow, Dave Goodrich, Tamara Goodrich and Gwen Jones all from the Houlton area  recently  teamed up and between the four of them ran 5 legs totalling 64 miles.

Jones:” I think as a runner it’s everyone’s dream to run the Boston Marathon. If someone can’t do that this is a close second.  To be able to support those people in this way was a great opportunity.”

David and Tamara Goodrich are avid runners in the Houlton area you can see them running on most weekends.  The father and daughter were both in Boston last year for the marathin and Dave said that taking part in this relay was something that was important to both of them

Dave Goodrich:” i felt so powerless with that event and knew this event coming up was to show support. It was my way and our wawy of giving back to the running community. Lending support to those who were healing and continue to heal.”

The Goodrichs, Thurlow and Jones are among almost 2000 runners who have already carried the torch . The 3300 mile trek started in Los Angeles and will wrap up in Boston on April 13th. The torch is being carried 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  It was a whirlwind trip for the four area runners they flew to New Mexico  rans their 64 miles and then headed back home

Tamara Goodrich:” it was fulfulling an exhausting day with the travel, but it’s the little things we can give back for an amazing cause.”

Dave Goodrich:” A lot of looks a lot of horn honks when people found out what we were doing.  The last town we stopped in was a town of about 900 and people came up to us and thanked us for what we were doing. They honked horns as we went through. It was a 12 hour day of running.

Tamara Goodrich:” There was a gentleman in Clovis  who had driven by us once before and found out what we were about and was at the gas station at the town we stopped at afterwards.  He had a one hundred dollar donation that he wanted to contribute


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