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Annual Special Olympics Skills Competition Held

| January 15, 2014

skills comp from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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“This year we have 135 athletes who came to do the skills competition. We are having a great day,” said Event Organizer, Carl Michaud. “We have volunteers from Caribou High School, Presque Isle High School and Easton High School. Families, volunteers, friends all having a great time.”

The olympians took part in all aspects of the game from shooting, rebounding, dribbling and passing– the athletes all having a great time.

“I have been doing dribbling and hoops,” said Special Olympian Allie Hogan. “I think they are cool and I love basketball.”

“Throwing it to the hoop- it’s a lot of fun,” said Special Olympian Adam Jandreau.

Dallas Sharp of Fort Kent says he loves basketball and practices on his hoop in his yard.

“I’m enjoying shooting hoops because the more you shoots hoops the better you get,” said Sharp.

The added benefit from having the event at Gentile Hall- several of the youngsters and coaches getting a work out on the track.

“I like to dribble and I liked over there- I went up there and ran around,” said Special Olympian Jamin Johnson.

The players also took part in several games over the three hour event. Several of the olympians took part in the games and then the Snowdogs took the court for a match-up with the Caribou boys basketball team. It was a hard fought game between the two teams and at the end of the day everyone had a smile and more memories.

“This is their basketball highlight of the year,” added Michaud. “They get here early they grab the basketballs and are ready to play. They are interactive the whole time having a great wonderful day.”

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