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Annual Fun Day Held at the Aroostook Shrine Club

| March 13, 2014


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(Sound of a snowmobile)┬áThat’s the sound heard at the Aroostook Shrine Club in Presque Isle. Lots of people gathered together for Fun Day to give the people at the Opportunity Training Center, a ride they’ll never forget.

“As you can see by the smiles on the faces here. These people just love this time,” says David Steeves, a snowmobile club member.

“Well at this point in the winter, everybody is ready to kick things off for spring time. So this is kind of a last hoorah for everybody,” says Andrew Perry of the Central Aroostook Association.

Perry says the Fun Day gives the people of OTC a chance to go out and enjoy the snow and festivities, and gives them a chance to go for a ride. Everyone who participated had a lot of fun.

“Yeah it was fast.”
“I’m really having fun today. It’s unreal. And I’m doing it all day long!”
“I’m really having fun snowmobiling today.”

Perry says he loves that the community gets so involved, and would like to thank everyone who helped make the day possible.

“We have a lot of snowmobiles. Tons and tons of volunteers. We are never short on people who want to help out with events like this. Which is another great reason why I think our community is really special,” says Perry.

Steeves says he already has next years Fun Day marked on his calendar.

“One of them heart warming things. Whether you’re a snowmobiler or not, it’s a fun day for a lot of special people,” says Steeves.

Lots of smiles and lots of fun. That’s what the Fun Day is all about.

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