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Animal Shelter Holds Free Adoptions for Adult Cats

| February 13, 2014


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The Central Aroostook Humane Society needs your help. It may be a day late, but these cats could be the PURRRR-fect Valentine’s Day gift for someone you love. All THEY ask in return is the same…a loving place to call home. Betsy Hallett is the Executive Director of the┬áCentral Aroostook Humane Society in Presque Isle and says “a few select ones have been here since last year since last June so we’re looking to kind of get them homes and get them out of the cages.” Hallett says six cats will be up for FREE ADOPTION this weekend. “For Saturday only from 10-2pm we’re going to waive the adoption fee for the cats, I’m going to take them up to Tractor Supply in Presque Isle to do onsite adoption where it will be at no cost but you still have to be an approved through application home.” Hallett says only six are being offered up for free adoption but there are plenty more cats here at the shelter in need of homes. “We have roughly around 75 cats which still for us is not bad because normally we’re looking at 130 or so and absolutely no kittens anything we have right now is 6 months and older,” says Hallett. Hallett says she’d like to see all the cats find good loving homes. She says normally the adoption fees are only 20 dollars and hopes more people will stop in consider becoming a pet parent to a friendly feline. But she advises think about if a cat would be a good fit for your life. Hallett adds “If you’re calm and laid back and you want something that’s not gonna be on your lap a lot you need to come in check them out see what they’re personalities are.”These cats PAW-ing for more people to open up their homes so they can CLAW their way into your heart.


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