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American Red Cross Blood Drive

| September 20, 2013

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Many people came out and raised their sleeves at the American Red Cross Blood Drive held at the Northeastland Hotel. All of these people took time out of their day in order to save a life. Each donor donates a pint of blood, which in turn can help to save three lives. Pete Morrison, the Recruitment Manager for Blood Services of Maine talked about what makes a successful blood drive.

Morrison says a great partnership with the community, business, or a school. Where we’ve got plenty of volunteers, donors, and a great sponsor.

Morrison says donating blood is an easy process. You check in at registration, read the packet of reading material that is provided, go through a simple confidential interview process with a nurse, at this point, the nurse will determine your eligibility to donate blood. Now it is time to donate blood. This is usually a five to ten minute process. After donating, the donor will be given post-donation instructions and some food and drinks to replenish themselves. Once the blood is processed, the donor will receive a thank you.

We give all the donors a thank you and let them know what region or hospital the blood was transfused in. It’s nice for the donor to a. Be thanked and also have an idea and understanding where their life saving donation has gone. Many people donate blood for different reasons.

Crystal Boyce says she came to donate blood in honor of her mom that has passed away in May of 2005, and that there is a great need, and she wishes everyone would come out and donate.

Morrison adds that there are 39 hospitals in Maine and they are always in need of blood. You can always check their website for the next available blood drive. Help give the gift of life just one pint at a time.


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