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Alternative Energy Heating Source Making Resurgence in Maine

| December 13, 2013


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Residents looking for inexpensive ways to heat your home might want to pay extra close attention to this next story. Four Maine companies, three of which are in the county have partnered to offer an alternative heating source to oil and propane. Electrical Thermal Storage units aren’t a new source of heat energy in Maine. They’ve been around for years. But they are making a comeback.  Mark Bossie is putting in the high density ceramic bricks that store heat…and LOTS of it. And that’s essentially how these ETS or electrical thermal storage energy units work to heat a home, or business. And businesses like Dead River in Houlton, where Bossie works along with three other businesses…Algonquin Energy Services in Caribou and the Houlton Water Company have joined forces with Thermal Energy Storage of Maine to REENERGIZE the usage of these units by consumers. Sam Zaitland is the Chief Operating Officer for Thermal Energy Storage of Maine and says “You’re using off peak electricity and your using off peak delivery rates these are discounted rates to heat the unit and use the heat throughout the 24 hour period so you’re buying your heat much more cheaply.” To explain it more clear what Zaitland  is saying…units can be purchased and installed by Dead River, the Houlton Water Company is offering a special delivery rate for the electricity through their partner provider Algonquin Energy Services out of Caribou. HWC also has a ETS unit on site and staff say its worked so well to heat the business they knew it was a smart idea to help offer the program to customers as a cheaper alternative energy resource to oil or propane. John Clark is the General Manager of the Houlton Water Company and concurs “we’re quite pleased with it, we have a building that’s about 5 thousand square feet we can heat at least 1800 feet of that with that one unit.” Zaitland says ETS energy has existed in Maine for years, but is now making a resurgence. The county partnership is loosely modeled on another that’s been successful in Madison, Maine and one being launched in Kennebunck. And those involved say its always good to have alternative energy options. Mark Bossie who is service manager of Houlton’s Dead River Company office says “its a good fit because we want to be an all energy company and this was our part in trying to fulfill that.” Zaitland adds “Its an extremely comfortable even type of heat super reliable well over twenty year life and there’s no annual maintenance.” Zaitland says right now only Houlton Water Company customers can participate in the program.



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