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All Aroostook Band Festival performance

| January 18, 2014


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From the french horn to the saxophone and clarinet, those instruments and more were heard at the All-Aroostook Instrumental Music Festival on Friday and Saturday as Middle and High school students performed at the Madawaska Middle High School. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos has the story…

You’re listening to the County’s cream of the crop; Middle and High School students from Katahdin to Madawaska performed at the Madawaska Middle-High School. Around 250 students auditioned, but just over a hundred were selected to perform in the All Aroostook Band Festival.

Madawaska Middle-High School Music Director Joshua Bosse said, “They love music. They’re what makes their programs succeed.”

Some of these students have performed before…

Student Performer and Senior Ryan Boucher said, “This is my 6th year, every single year is a joy.”

And others just performed for the first time…

Student Performer and Sophomore Katie Hebert said, “It means a lot because I worked pretty hard for this, and there’s a bunch of people that auditioned so it’s kind of shocking.”

But whether they’re practically seasoned pro’s or newcomers, all of these kids have got talent and discipline.

Student Performer and 8th grader Taylor Rdionne said, “I try to practice almost every day.”

And all the long days of rehearsing sure paid off.

“Really great to see their hard work and dedication put to good use.”

Auditions for the concert were held in Houlton in November, and the Aroostook Band Festival is held annually.

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