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After Three Snowmobiling Incidents, St. John Valley Man Says He Has Learned Lesson

| March 19, 2014

MosesStory from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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For 65-year-old Paul Lessard, getting on a snowmobile and traveling through the woods of the St. John Valley is like living a second childhood.

“It’s so hard to explain, ya know, what’s down around the next corner? Then you get there and you see the next corner and you just want to keep on going,” he said.

This man — more commonly known as Moses — has a unique sense of adventure – but one that’s gotten him into trouble now three ┬átimes.

“I don’t advise to do as I did,” he said.

Maine game wardens say the first time was four or five years ago, Moses was stuck in a snow drift and had to be rescued. Then last April, he was pinned under his sled for 20 hours in cold temperatures. Game wardens searched all night for him..and he was eventually found by his friends from the Corriveau Artic Cat Plus shop in Fort Kent.

“He was laying in a ditch of the beaten path..he was very lucky to have survived that time,” said district game warden Adrian Marquis.

And not even a year later, Moses went missing again. This past January, he was riding on a trail that he says hadn’t been opened yet. He got stuck off the side of the trail and waited for 19 hours for wardens to find him.

“I shook my head and said…’you did it again’..just have to brush the snow off and move on,” said Moses.

Marquis has searched for Moses each time. Searches that he says not only cost the state a ton of money, but can be dangerous for the wardens too. He says even though this is their job, it’s frustrating because Moses brought each situation on himself.

“While you’re processing everything you’re thinking to yourself, you know how come again? How come for the third time we’re going looking for the same guy?” said Marquis.

Each time, Moses had been riding alone, and no one had known where he was going. That’s why they recommended a tracking device – which he now has. The device allows him to check in at each place he goes to.

“All they’re going to have to do is say, there he is,” said Moses.

Though Marquis is happy Moses has this new device, he says it’s not the end-all be all. He says Moses should try to ride with someone if he can, he should tell someone where he’s going, and stick to the main trails. After all, Moses says he wants to keep riding for a long time.

“Until the good Lord willing that I leave the earth..its the only thing that I love to do,” he said.

So hopefully Moses can continue to do what he loves, just wardens won’t have to get that fourth call.

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