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Acadian Bus Tour Part of Upcoming World Acadian Congress 2014

| August 6, 2013


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These ployes are hot off the griddle for these travelers right off this tour bus…and stopping in at Bouchard’s Family Farm and store. Its one of four pitstops along a bus tour throughout the St. John Valley today, a trial run for next summer’s World Acadian Congress that will host up to 50 thousand people.

Don Raymond is an organizer for the World Acadian Congress Bus Tour Committee and says “one of the objects is to expose them to all the cultural sites, the historical sites, economic sites, natural beauty sites of this area and so the idea is to bring people out there have them look at it and then return in the future to visit this as a destination point.”

Don Cyr Member is a member of the Maine Regional Committee for the World Acadian Congress 2014 and adds “we’re really lucky that this bus tour has people from Quebec, New Brunswick and Maine on it and there are a lot of people that are from NB and Quebec that have never been to this part of Maine so its an eye opener for them.”

Its also an eye opener for organizers who say are putting on this bus tour as a trial run, learning what kinks need to be addressed well before the world acadian congress convenes next year. For businesses like the Bouchard Family Farm, its an opportunity to promote themselves through a cultural exchange.

Janice Bouchard is the owner of  Bouchard Family Farm, one of the pit stops on the bus tour. She says “it gives them a good idea of how hard the Acadian people have worked and people in the Valley just to make a living you gotta do a bunch  of different things.”

“It kind of satisfies a dream of Norman Cyr our past president who just passed away really had a dream to do these bus tours and to be able to invite people to this region and show them actually what we have to offer” says George Dumond Co-President of the International Organizing Committee of the World Acadian Congress 2014

“We’re on high gear right now and we’re having lot’s of interest from all over the country busses coming from Louisiana.” says Lorraine Pelletier Maine Regional Coordinator of the World Acadian Congress 2014.

It might seem like a PLOYE, but once travelers get here and have a taste of this acadian culture for themselves, they’ll realize how worth it was in the long run.

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