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A Mother and Daughter Face Charges for a Dispute in a Cemetery

| October 1, 2013


MONMOUTH, Maine (AP) -A mother and daughter are facing charges after ramming each other’s cars during a dispute in a Monmouth cemetery.  Police say 42 year old Melissa Grant and 20 year old Savannah Lowe, both of Winthrop, were arrested after the incident where they damaged several headstones on Friday.  Police Chief Kevin Mulherin says that Lowe wanted to keep Grant from leaving the cemetery because she thought her mother was too drunk to drive.  So, she hit her mother’s car with her vehicle.  Grant then hit her daughter’s vehicle.  In the process, several headstones were knocked over or broken, causing an estimated $35,000 in damage.  Both were arrested and held over the weekend on charges including aggravated reckless conduct.


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