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A Moose in the City?

| September 19, 2013


Maine is known for it’s moose population, so seeing a moose is not unusual.  It is, however, a little less common to see a moose lingering on a lawn in a city neighborhood, but that is exactly what happened!   A 600-pound, juvenile male moose that had been hanging out for several days in a small patch of woods in an Augusta neighborhood was tranquilized, moved and set free Wednesday by wildlife officials.  A biologist for the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife says the young animal was nervous, as it was unable to find a contiguous stretch of woods in the urban area. The moose was driven to the Alonzo H. Garcelon Wildlife Management Area on the outskirts of Augusta, where officials unloaded it and it was injected with an antidote. It eventually staggered away.

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