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A Group of Mainers Try to Reach the Dead

| November 4, 2013


WATERVILLE, Maine (AP) – Halloween  may be over, but members of the Paranormal Research and Extermination group are still trying to reach the dead.  Some of the group is spending time at a Waterville cemetery in hopes of making contact with the spirit of man a murdered in 1847.  Members of Paranormal Research and Extermination recently spent a night at Pine Grove Cemetery attempting to contact the spirit of Edward E. Mathews, a wealthy cattle dealer who was the city’s first recorded murder victim.   A prominent doctor was convicted of the crime and hanged, but many people weren’t convinced that he was the culprit. Chris Clarke, of Fairfield, says that the aim is to find out conclusively who killed Mathews.  He says they have yet to connect with Mathews’ spirit using a night vision digital recorder, voice recorders and an electromagnetic field detector, but they’ll try again later this month.

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