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A Committee Is In The Works To Tackle Challenges Facing Elderly Mainers

| March 20, 2014

AgingActionPlan from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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A plan of action is in place to help older adults in Maine who are home bound.  A number of issues have sparked action from the Maine Council on Aging, and now those issues are going to be addressed.

Elderly residents in the county are getting help.  Maine’s Council on Aging wants to work with other groups like the Aroostook Agency on Aging, to tackle some of the challenges facing the older population.

Steve Farnham, Executive Director of Aroostook Agency On Aging says,  “at this point, one in every 5 people that live in Aroostook county are age 65 or older, that has pretty enormous implications for current services and in looking ahead into the future as more and more people age.”

A “Blueprint for Action” has been released which calls for different agencies to carry out some ideas in their communities.

Farnham, “one of the things that we hope to see happen are more collaborations between organizations. We’re looking at what is it that really is necessary to help people remain in place – to age in place well here in Aroostook County.”

A number of challenges mentioned in the Blueprint are things like financial exploitation, improving access to broadband internet, and transportation.

Farnahm, “it’s not just getting a ride but a ride is independence for people. If you live in Arooostook county especially in the outlying areas, getting to a grocery store, getting to a pharmacy, getting to a a doctor, those are critically important.”

Another issue is the actual funding for community based services, like the Aroostook Agency on Aging.  Farnahm says he’s seen resources fall in recent years like adult day care services. This among other challenges, will all be addressed in the working group meetings… expected to begin some time in the Spring.

The Maine Council on Aging has also reached out other agencies and hospitals in the area to get involved with meetings for the “Blueprint for Action.”

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