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9/11 Ceremony, Caribou

| September 11, 2013


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As the whole nation reflects on this day, ceremonies for the 12th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks were held throughout he country.

On this day, many come together to remember, and mourn.  On September 11th, 2001.. 2,977 people lost their lives in terror attacks that shocked the nation.  12 years later, the memories and feelings of unity are what continue to bring communities together.  Even children from local schools were bussed over to Caribou to recognize a ceremony and moment of silence.

In regards to the kids being there, Fireman Fred Parsons says, “they’re gonna remember this historic event if they don’t already so this helps them maybe have some understanding of it all by seeing the firemen here that are kind of observing this particular day.”

The caribou fire department honor guard and many veterans were on hand along with the young faces to observe this ceremony.   Flags were ordered at half staff in Maine and around the nation.

Fred Parsons says, “I’ve been down to ground zero a few times so I certainly can feel the mood down there as well.”

Fire Chief Scott Susi reminded caribou of that mood as he spoke of the horrific day, and reminded everyone how important it is to remember.

He says, “All the school children here today were not alive, so they have no recollection of what the nation was like pre 911.”

That’s why ceremonies like this one, will continue to remind those young and old… the day the nation was brought together, closer than before.

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