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7-Year-Old Honored for Saving Lives in Bath House Fire

| December 18, 2013

BrysonStory from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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7-year-old Bryson McClendon is considered a hero by some. Back in November, a house he was in caught fire – and Bryson knew exactly what to do … he woke everyone up and made sure they got out of the house. On Wednesday the Bath Fire Department recognized this young man for his incredible actions.

Stephen Armour, Chief of the Bath Fire Department says, “I was delighted, I was just ecstatic…I was overjoyed for a kid to do something like this right here.”

Nothing is left at 159 Mechanic Street in Bath, but because of Bryson, the seven other people who were in the home at the time of the fire, made it out safely. It was early in the morning and Bryson went to get a glass of water when he noticed the fire – without thinking twice, he threw the water he had on it – and told everyone, one adult and six other get out of the house immediately.

“My little sister and my little cousin were in there so I had to..I didn’t want them to get hurt or nothing,” said Bryson.

Fire Officials couldn’t be more proud of little Bryson – that’s why they gave him a Certificate of Appreciation..they’re happy to know that the fire prevention work they do with kids when they visit schools, is actually paying off.

Cory Oakes, Captain of the Bath Fire Department, says, “when you roll in on scene, that’s the first thing you ask is is everybody out of the house and when everybody’s out of the house we do our thing to put the fire out and then it was later on that we found out what Bryson had done to get everyone out of the house, makes us feel pretty good.”

They hope every kid who sat in the gym at the Bath Elementary School and heard Bryson’s story understood the importance of fire safety – especially at this time of year..they remind kids to go home and make sure their smoke detectors are working, and they have an escape plan if a fire did happen.

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