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67th Annual Maine Potato Blossom Parade Held in Fort Fairfield Saturday

| July 19, 2014


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The nice sunny weather over the weekend fared well in Fort Fairfield, where the renowned Potato Blossom Parade took place on Saturday. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos takes us there…

Fort Fairfield Resident Ashley Romine said, “This is one of my favorite times of the year.”

The Potato Blossom parade is a summer pastime in the County.

Presque Isle Resident Shirley Pelkey said, “Been here every year since they started.”

The parade is a long standing tradition in Fort Fairfield in it’s 67th year. It brings people from across the County, and even the state.

Thomas Krause said, “I’m actually up visiting because I’m downstate and I figured best time to visit would be right now.”

From the clowns, to the queens., to the food; there’s all kinds of crowd favorites.

Dylan Levasseur said, “The candy!”

It’s about celebrating the potato culture of Aroostook County, and some famous familiar faces marched along.

Democratic Candidate for Governor Mike Michaud said, “See a lot of folks it’s a great community event, glad to be up here once again.”

Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate Shenna Bellows said, “This is a wonderful parade,and it’s terrific to be up here in the County.”

Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage said, “It’s great to be back in the County and we’re going to be back a lot in the next month.

Republican Maine Congressional Candidate Bruce Poliquin said, “We just love this, we’re connecting with as many people as we can and people want jobs they’re enthusiastic about what we can do in Congress we’ve got to fix this mess, but I’m thrilled to be here it’s a great day for everybody.”

It’s a culmination of County communities and community members of all ages.

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