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50-Mile Hike

| August 31, 2013

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They say a journey starts with a single step, and one group of hikers took quite a few of them on Saturday with an ambitious 50 mile hike that was inspired by one that a Kennedy brother took back in 1963. The crew of 5 started their journey in Houlton, and finished in Limestone.

Hiker Lil Costello said, “I think it will be just a good feeling of accomplishment.”

The movement is inspired by one that took place 50 years ago in 1963. Robert F. Kennedy walked 50 miles from Great Falls, Maryland to Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. The entire Kennedy family stood for good health and physical fitness; and this accomplishment set the standard high.

Astronomy Educator and hiker Larry Berz said,  “I was a boy when both John and Bobby Kennedy lost their lives, and I feel a certain obligation toward their legacy, these weren’t perfect people they had a lot of flaws but they did stand for a kind of vision and drive and dream that I think is gone in our daily life and I don’t want to lose that.”

Traveling at a rate of 3 miles an hour, Larry Berz and his team took about 17 hours to complete this 50 mile hike- One that not only works the body, but also the spirit and mind.

Doctor Prasanna said, “It’s the control of the body, from the mind and the determination and perseverance of doing it.”

Hiker Grier Ostermaann said, “Since I’ve been training for this 50 mile hike I’ve found myself making healthier choices all around, in that I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables.”

It’s an endeavor to fulfill a walk of a long distance thought to be impossible.

Astronomy Educator and hiker Larry Berz said, “Kennedy was a New England man, and we’re New England women and men too. We feel we want to bring back to the County some of the energy, drive, and impetus that made our nation great and our County memorable and to make our personal lives well intention and purposeful.”

Larry Berz and his crew passed through several Aroostook County communities on their 50-mike hike including Monticello, Bridgewater, Blaine, Robinson, Mars Hill, Easton, Fort Fairfield, and Limestone. They arrived in Limestone around 9 o’clock Saturday night. The 50-mile Kennedy walk has inspired hikes just like it all over the world.

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