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3 Suspects Identified In String Of Car Thefts

| May 29, 2014

CarTheftsCaribou from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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3 suspects involved in a recent string of car thefts have been identified as police continue to investigate.  Two males in their 20’s from Caribou have been along with one female from Presque Isle have been identified as the suspects in the thefts.

It started with 2 bmw’s stolen in Caribou over the weekend, then a honda crv stolen Monday morning from presque isle. It didn’t stop there, three suspects working together in these car thefts have car jacked at least 6 vehicles total since Sunday, until they were caught and arrested Tuesday in Penobscot county after taking a toyota pickup from Caribou and heading south. Officer Kieth Oulette of the caribou police department is working with other agencies in investigating the thefts.

Ouellette, “All of the vehicles have been recovered, some of them are still being processed. – They’re looking at 4 felony counts of aggravated criminal mischief due to the extent of the damage done to the vehicles. They’re also looking at 4 charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. ”

Sergeant Rose Mannette of the Penobscot Sheriffs tells us one of the suspects, Emily Graves of Presque Isle was summonsed and has been released. The other two suspects, 20 year old Aaron Dodd of Caribou is in the custody of Penobscott sheriffs. 21 year old Nathan Morrow of Caribou is in the custody of Kennebec County sheriffs. A mug shot has not been made available. The thefts are still being investigated and officer Ouellette says at this point, it looks like the three were out joy riding.

Ouellette, “That seems to be the extent of it at this time, there was some alcohol that may have been involved in some of these thefts based on some video surveillance we have at a local store where we have them purchasing that alcohol. ”

Some of that alcohol was found in the stolen Honda CRV belonging to a presque isle high school student. Her prom dress was in that car, ready for her upcoming prom. Although the vehicle has been recovered, the dress has not.

Ouellette, “We’re looking at a couple other suspects that were in the vehicle at the time that we made contact with but we’re not forthcoming with information.”

Ouellette says with the 6 vehicles stolen, there does appear to be some randomness, but says they may have been stolen out of convenience of the keys being inside at the time.


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