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$15.5 Million To Expand Capacity of Maine’s 7 Community Colleges is Question 5 for Vote on Nov 5.

| October 22, 2013

CommCollegeBond5 from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Programs and services to students at community colleges in Maine could be expanding with more labs, tools and resources. It all rides on a bond up for vote coming up on November 5th.

Over 15 million dollars would be distributed to the 7 Maine community colleges, if voters approve question five on the November 5th ballot. The question will ask voters to support the upgrade of buildings classrooms and labs. Northern Maine Community College would get 900,000 thousand dollars to upgrade a building that will essentially benefit the allied health programs.

NMCC President Tim Crowley says,  “it’s about renovating Aroostook hall here which is a building that’s been in place for over 30 years.”

The plan is to have more rooms, labs, and offices for classes like Community Paramedicine, Emergency Medical Services and Health Information Technology. All programs that have seen an increase in enrollment.

NMCC Academic Dean Dottie Martin says,  “we were able to expand medical assisting enrollment because of the local employers who know that that’s a growing trend for them for future employees.”

And with more money basically being invested into those students, Martin says they’ll know that there will be up to date technology preparing them for the work world. Plus more space will benefit the increased enrollment of over 4 percent for this semester.

Martin, “we’re going to be expanding our allied health labs, we’re going to be adding educational equipment for our classrooms as well as some of the trade areas in particular we’re looking at precision metals which is also one of our expanding programs.

Other programs that would be expanding if the bond is approved , are in precision machining, criminal justice, information technology and other key programs.

Crowley, “our amount is 900,000 out of that 15 million, so obviously the bulk of this money is going to go to other campuses, but every campus will benefit from it..”

It’s a benefit that President Crowley says is a move in the right direction for education and the Northern Maine Community College campus.


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