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10 Year Old Golfer Registers Hole in One

| August 5, 2014


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A hole in one in golf is a major accomplishment for anyone who plays the sport. 10 year old Noah Duprey of Casco became one of the youngest if not the youngest golfers at Presque Isle Country Club to register an ace.


Noah Duprey will have quite a story to share about what he did on his summer vacation. The 10 year old was visiting family in Presque Isle and hit a perfect shot into the 135 yard 17th hole.

Noah Duprey:” I hit and eventually it went 25 feet away from the hole it bounced and then it bounced again right into the cup. It was my first hole in one it felt great.”

Noah has been golfing since the ace of three and said he has come close before leaving the ball just inches from the cup. The whole family was out sharing the moment on the 17th hole.

Noah tried to re enact the shot but wasn’t successful in putting it into the cup. But the foursome including his brother Evan, his father Matt and Grandfather Bob re enacted to moment they pulled the ball out of the cup.

Evan Duprey:” When my dad brought the golf cart up at the hole my dad says that is in. I felt so happy for him that he did it.”

It’s been a very special few days for the Duprey’s Matt and his wife Allison are in the County celebrating his parents 50th Anniversary and then the milestone on Monday morning.

Matt Duprey:” It was one of the greatest moments of my life to see your son do something this special along with his grandfather, his brother and me. Three generations of Duprey’s it was one of the best sporting things that I have ever seen.”

It didn’t take long for word to spread as Matt immediately got on his cell phone

Matt Duprey:” I texted my wife Allison and said that Noah just got a hole in one and I e mailed pictures I took of him pulling the ball out of the cup to my colleagues at work as he plays golf with us on Wednesday nights.

Noah and his grandmother Anita have something in common they have both had a hole in one and that means that grandfather Bob has some catching up to do.

Bob Duprey:”It’s special of course now with my wife having got a hole in one and now my grandson the pressure is kind of me and my son.”

Bob has been a witness on both aces and is beginning to think he is a good luck charm

Bob Duprey:” I never thought of it that way, but I think that is the way I am going to look at it from now on .. laughing



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